Seeing it first-hand: A community rising

In September, hundreds of community financial institutions (CFIs) attended Kasasa Nation 2017 in Austin, TX. Before we get into a recap of this amazing event, we wanted to thank every local bank and credit union that traveled from all corners of the country to make this conference what it was.

The CFIs in attendance came together to build relationships with each other and learn how to lead their institutions into a strong, resilient future.

"It was great to hear speakers discuss different perspectives on issues."

Attendees had the opportunity to hear from three keynote speakers: Rana Foroohar, Sheldon Yellen, and John Brandt. Each speaker used his or her unique point-of-view to provide strategies that community financial institutions can start implementing today.

Foroohar, author of “Makers and Takers,” opened the conference with a keynote about the growing importance of Main Street over Wall Street. On day two, Brandt, former Editor-in-Chief of “IndustryWeek” and “Chief Executive,” kicked off with a talk about how CFIs can realign their strategies to keep up with consumers’ ever-changing expectations. At the end of the day, Sheldon Yellen, CEO of Belfor, closed out the conference with a keynote focused on how caring for your staff can positively impact company culture.

“I liked the content and input from other thought-leaders (not just in the finance industry). It added a lot more value than I expected.” – Kasasa Nation attendee

We were also joined by a wide array of panelists, from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown to Citizens Bank of Edmond President and CEO Jill Castilla. Plus, breakout sessions each day included topics like building a better sales culture, maximizing digital channel acquisition, and a closer look at Kasasa’s new products.

"I would love for us to be the first to have the Kasasa Loans!"

During the afternoon sessions on day one, attendees got the first look at two new Kasasa products that will help them get an edge on the competition: Kasasa Loans and Connect.

The Kasasa Loan™ is the only loan with take-backs™ and it’s preferred by 9 out of 10 consumers.* It lets borrowers pay ahead to reduce debt, and take that extra back if they need it. With 98% of consumers saying they’d refinance to a Kasasa Loan for the same rate they have today, you’ll want to be one of the first institutions in your market to offer it.

“Networking and learning about new products are invaluable.”

We also announced Kasasa’s Connect™, a full, “always on” marketing automation platform that helps you reach consumers who are 3x more likely to choose your institution. It puts you in front of consumers with a hyper-personalized, data-driven strategy that can increase your number of engagements and number of accounts opened.

To learn more about our new products and how you can be one of the first CFIs to get them, contact your Client Success Manager today.

"Please send an invitation to me next year!!"

We’re already planning on making the next Kasasa Nation even bigger and better than the 2017 conference. We’ll have more thought leaders, more actionable strategies, and yes, more breakfast tacos.

“Great information, atmosphere, and overall information. Very applicable to what we are doing in community banking and inspiring us for the future.”

Don’t want to miss out? Talk to your Regional Director or Client Success Manager to get on the list for next year.


*Based on a 2017 Kasasa consumer study

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