Are Your Account Holders Protected?

Community banks and credit unions have always served as a beacon of security and stability across the United States. What happens when that trust is weakened through fraud and identity theft? These crimes can happen through no fault of the institution and yet, few things do more to undermine peace of mind.

As the frequency of identity crimes increases, consumers are on the hunt for ways to fight against thieves and hackers. The good news is that community banks and credit unions can meet consumer demand in the form of a simple, secure identity theft protection and restoration service.


Vigilant And Affordable


Among the various identity theft protection services on the market, there are two main areas of consideration:

  1. How protected is the consumer?
  2. How much will they pay for protection?

While some services may contain a wide range of useful features, they also push consumers away by charging too much. The reverse is also true: accessible prices usually mean too little protection. Neither option delivers an experience consumers are likely to feel good about.

After months of development and quality testing, we’re pleased to introduce Kasasa Protect™: an identity theft protection solution that gives consumers what they’re looking for and community financial institutions a strong source of non-interest income.


Kasasa Protect Bridges The Gap


Kasasa Protect is a full-featured identity protection and restoration service that your institution can offer to account holders at an attractive price point. This helps position you as a much-needed ally in the fight against identity theft.

Kasasa Protect includes features consumers are looking for:

  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring,
  • Dark Web Monitoring,
  • Identity Restoration,
  • Lost Wallet Protection,
  • Dedicated Support Hotline,
  • And more!

Account holders self-select to pay for the service and authorize an automatic payment from their account with your institution — keeping the process simple for everyone.

Additionally, Kasasa Protect:

  • Is powered by CSID, the leading provider of global identity-protection and fraud-detection technologies.
  • Can be attached to any DDA.
  • Is available to Kasasa checking account holders at an exclusive discount.

Not only does Kasasa Protect deliver a solution that consumers are hungry for, it benefits your institution’s bottom line by increasing non-interest income by as much as $4 per user per month.


Protection Made Simple


When combined with Builder, Kasasa’s in-branch selling technology, user opt-in rates for Protect increase by as much as 20%. Here’s what it looks like when someone signs up for Kasasa Protect at your institution:

  • After signing up for a checking account, the user is given the chance to add Kasasa Protect for a nominal monthly fee.
  • Upon enrollment, the account holder is immediately protected.
  • Account holder receives an email with a subscriber number and an activation link.
  • They log in to verify their identity and access the full complement of services.
  • After ID verification, account holders manage their Kasasa Protect benefits 24/7 at

All customer service requests are handled by CSID, allowing you to offer a highly competitive product without hiring additional staff or adding operational complexity. It also allows you to provide better security and peace of mind to the people who need it most.

Kasasa Protect is just one of the ways that Kasasa helps your institution increase non-interest income and offer the high-quality products that account holders are seeking. Learn more about the Kasasa branded relationship platform.

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