Mystery Shop Reports are coming to Insight Exchange

Mystery Shopping can help your front line deliver excellent customer experiences. In the battle for consumer loyalty, it’s critical to inspect what you expect from your employees. Mystery Shops provide unbiased accountability and give you the opportunity to reinforce best practices. You only get one chance to make a good impression — Mystery Shops help make every interaction count.

Starting in Q1 2019, the results of your Mystery Shops will be even easier to access. We’ll be hosting all Kasasa Mystery Shop reports by way of our secure portal, known as FIRSTBase.

Clients will continue to receive emails at the end of each quarter when their report is ready to view. Mystery Shop audio recordings will also be hosted alongside the reports. The email will direct users to FIRSTBase where they can log in to Insight Exchange (or just “Insight” for clients using the Kasasa Rewards Platform). If you’re a new client and none of those names mean anything to you, don’t worry, your Client Success Manager will answer any questions you have.

The process to view Mystery Shop reports should be seamless to anyone accustomed to using Insight Exchange. However, some users with login credentials for FIRSTBase may not have the authorization to view Insight Exchange. Please contact your FIRSTBase Administrator if you would like to be given access.

If you have any questions about this new process, please send an email to

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