Open More Checking Accounts Online with INMO®

Knowing that 70% of consumers today prefer to submit to a digital application, it is essential for community financial institutions to make it easy for consumers to do so. Consumers expect a great digital experience, and it's crucial that you're stepping up to the plate. Our online account opening solution gives them what they’re looking for and allows you to capture a much larger market. Meet INMO®.

Three easy steps to a new account holder
INMO is an online account opening platform that allows consumers to open and fund accounts online in minutes without requiring them to come to your branch. INMO’s simple three-step process has been tested to ensure the best user experience (and it’s fully compliant with all banking regulations for online account opening!).

INMO breaks the process into three steps:

  1. The application process
    Application process
  2. Identity verification
    Identity verification
  3. Funding of the new account
    Funding of the new account

You can also restrict applications based on ZIP code to guarantee applicants live in your community.

Easy for consumers to use
INMO’s intuitive interface guides your future account holders through the process. Consumers can fund accounts with multiple funding options, such as ACH via checking or savings account, debit cards, or coming into a branch. And no matter what device a consumer is using, the online account opening process is intuitive and user-friendly. We’ve optimized it to be fully responsive on mobile, tablets, and desktop.

Want INMO?
Connect INMO to your FIRSTBranch or current site to create a strong online account opening pipeline. (If you don’t have a FIRSTBranch site, contact us at!) Institutions using it see 56% lower acquisition costs with INMO versus in-branch. If you want to join them, contact us here to learn how.

* Forrester Research, January 2016

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