Introducing the ORB: Optimized, results-based marketing

Meet Sara. She’s a Millennial in your market who currently banks at one of the megas instead of your community financial institution. She’s had a relationship with her megabank for years. Even though she knows that they don’t act in her best interest, she keeps banking with them anyway. To an outsider, Sara is an apathetic consumer.

However, we’ve misdiagnosed her. Sara isn’t apathetic. She’s actually like the 46% of Millennials who say locally owned is important when choosing a financial institution for their everyday banking needs.¹

So why hasn’t she switched? Because she doesn’t know about you. You haven’t shown her that you have the products and services that align with her consumer beliefs.

Today, the competition to attract profitable new account holders, like Sara, is higher than ever. In order to get the right consumers to notice you, deeply understanding your market while also keeping up with the latest marketing technology and data science (in addition to all of your other responsibilities!) is imperative.

When you’re able to do that, you can finally get the attention of Sara and the rest of your target market to let them know that you’re the better option. To help you do just that, we developed an award-winning, turnkey account acquisition program called ORB (optimized, results-based) marketing that bundles science, technology, and media costs into one simple solution.


See uncompromising marketing performance.

The ORB is a low-maintenance program that takes all of the guesswork out of building your own marketing plans and programs. Kasasa handles all the work to reach the right consumers for you across social, digital, email, direct mail, and any other channel that helps you meet your goals. We’ll continuously optimize your programs across those channels to ensure that you get industry-leading results.


Get expert planning and optimization.

Our process helps you spend marketing dollars targeting the right people in your market. Kasasa’s proprietary segmentation identifies consumers who are up to 3X more likely to open an account. Then, we use that info to obtain high-quality prospect lists on your behalf and maintain the information for 12 months. You’ll have access to our award-winning, consumer-tested creative for your campaigns. Plus, our RegGen compliance tool generates disclosures and disclaimer language tailored to reflect your product designs.


It works. Guaranteed.

The average ROI for institutions running these programs for longer than three months is 215%.² We’re so confident in ORB marketing that we have a built-in performance guarantee that can cover some of your fees.

Contact your Client Marketing Manager for more details. Curious about Kasasa? Find out about the results behind the buzz.

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¹2017 Harris Poll for Kasasa, Ltd.
²Kasasa analytics

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