8 Little To No Cost Family Activities


School is almost out for summer break. Which means kids won’t be in school all day. They’ll be at home. And they might get bored. So you better think of some awesome things for them to do. But you can’t spend too much money since they’ll be demanding food all summer long too. Panicked?

Here’s a list of family-friendly activities with little to no cost.

1. Take a trip to the library.

Have everyone pick out one or two books and select a movie the whole family wants to watch.

2. Photoshoot day.

Are there scenic areas of your town that you have always thought would be great for a photo backdrop? No need to hire a professional photographer—spend all day with your family taking candid and posed shots in your favorite parts of town.

3. Photojournalism competition.

These days, now that every phone is a camera, a lot of you might have enough cameras for the whole family. If that’s the case, plan a daylong competition. Brainstorm photo assignments and assign to each family member (or team if you have young children) and set a deadline. Once complete, everyone picks their top 5-10 photos for show and tell. Some theme ideas to get you started:

  • Animals and insects
  • A color, shape, or letter
  • Tell a story in 5 photos
  • Secrets of your city

4. Stage your own play.

If your kids are past their toddler days, chances are they have a play or two in their heads already. Schedule a few hours to run through various ideas and write out a play with them. Invite close family or neighbors over for dinner and a show!

5. Field day.

Everyone loved field day at school and it’s super easy to replicate at home. Pick a handful of games that your fit your participants’ age levels and find a few items around the house to use as trophies (or print out ribbons or certificates). Here are some game suggestions in case it’s been a while since your last field day:

  • Water balloon toss
  • Egg race
  • Three-legged race
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Tug of war
  • Obstacle course

6. All-day staycation.

Plan a full day where you leave the house in the morning and don’t return until evening, no matter what. You’ll need to pack picnics, water, books and more, but this will help the day feel like more of an adventure than if you returned home in between each outing. Work on a schedule for the day with all of your kids so that everyone is on board. Zoo for two hours then soccer in the park for one? As long as everyone gets a vote!

7. Stock up on homemade cards.

Set aside a few hours to get crafty and make homemade birthday and thank you cards that you can use for family and friends all year long.

8. Homemade crafts.

Make crayons, playdough, sponge stamps, or any other DIY fun.


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