Cheap Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe (And Look Rich)

Fashion week starts February 10. Is your wardrobe ready? Sure, we’d all love to rock designer threads, but who has the budget for that? That’s why we’ve mastered the art of finding cheap and chic pieces so your sense of style never suffers. Here are a few of our best wardrobe refreshing hacks:

Find alternative ways to shop

ThredUp – ThredUp is an online consignment store for both women’s and kids’ clothing. Not only can you browse through thousands of like-new items, but you can also sell your clothes for cash. Forget the hassle of deal hunting and sorting through endless racks at your local thrift shop. ThredUp is the perfect partner when it comes to updating your closet.

Rent the Runway – Don’t buy a special-occasion outfit, wear it once, and then let it sit in the back of your closet forever. Rent the Runway lets you browse pieces from top designers and rent an outfit for a short period of time. You can even have them send you two sizes, just in case. It’s free and easy to return the outfit when your time is up.

Host a closet-swap party

Invite a group of friends over for some fashion fun. Have everyone bring over a collection of clothes they’re willing to swap and shop each other’s closets. You can refresh your own attire for free.

Buy generic basics

For basic layering pieces that you wear every day or under your clothing, don’t bother splurging on brand names or designer labels. No one will see them. Go for cheap tanks and plain tees and spend more on items you can show off.

Use these simple tricks and you’ll be flaunting new trends without dipping too far into your bank account.

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