Saving On Tuition, Books, And Fees

Written by Caitlin, Intern for Kasasa

If you are a recent college graduate: Congratulations to you! But if you are still working for that degree, you know what early August means: It’s time to open the wallet and dole out the cash!

Not only is there the cost of tuition, with fees for everything from “lab use” to “campus maintenance” tacked on, but also room and board, food (can’t rely on Mom anymore!) and last, the dreaded over-priced textbooks. As a recent graduate myself, I still cringe at my $500 a semester textbook price tag.

While there is the option of financial aid, which undoubtedly takes some pressure off the student, college life is still one thing and one thing only: expensive!

But not to fear, undergrads and grads! If you are thinking your iTunes budget is shrinking, which means you might not be able to afford the music you want or as many apps on your phone that you’d like (apps that you most certainly do not play with during class), Kasasa is here to save the day! Well, maybe not the day, but we can save your iTunes account!

Kasasa Tunes allows you to manage the cash you are going to spend on books and food -- rewarding you with free iTunes downloads every month! Check out your local bank or credit union that offers Kasasa to learn more, so you don’t have to cut back on the things you love, like music, movies and apps.

Do you Kasasa?

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