Megabank CEO Proposes To Rename Monthly Checking Account Fee To “Yacht Tax”

Described in a recent high-level meeting between executives, a megabank CEO proposed a “refresh” to monthly checking account fees, renaming them to a “yacht tax.”

“This is a perfect time. Consumers are tired of hearing the word fee, and my yacht is beginning to feel a little cramped. I think it’s time we upgrade the term. And I upgrade to a 200 footer,” Said the CEO.

Megabanks have been receiving complaints after a recent article revealed that consumers paid over $6 billion dollars in banking fees in 2016.

Yacht Tax ATM Fee

In a move to highlight the megabank’s “social philanthropy," consumers will also have the option to contribute to the CEO’s cause at ATM’s across the country.

“I’m personally hoping to ride this wave of crowdfunding. I believe consumers, especially Millennials, will be quick to hop on board the social cause. I probably won’t have room for them on my yacht, though.”


Disclaimer: This blog is not in any way true. Happy April Fools Day!

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