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6 Savvy Shopping Tips For June

From graduations to Father’s Day, there’s a lot to celebrate in the month of June. While you’re getting ready for vacations and enjoying the longer days, there are tons of sales going on in stores. Why buy at full price when you can find discounts on the things you need during the month of June? Here are some deals to watch out for all month long:

Power tools


Whether you need a gift for dad or you simply want to upgrade your collection, June is a great time to stock up on power tools. Father’s Day sales bring savings both online and in stores. Keep an eye out for sale announcements and markdowns.

Outdoor recreation gear


Warm weather is here and so are markdowns on outdoor equipment and active wear. Traditionally, June is the best month to buy fitness apparel and accessories. Don’t forget to check the sale racks at your favorite sporting goods stores.

Dishes and cookware


Graduation and wedding season means you’ll see lots of sales on common graduation gifts like dish sets, cookware, and kitchen tools. Stock up on gifts for weddings, grad parties, or simply take advantage of the sales for your own kitchen.



Many retailers are already launching their back-to-school sales on laptop computers in late June. So if you’re looking to upgrade, be sure to shop around and check prices before committing to a sale.

Don’t buy: grills


Summer is prime grill season, but don’t be tempted to purchase a new grill this month, especially if you’re looking to save. The best time to find grills on sale is actually later on in August or September.

Don’t buy: TVs


We don’t typically see a lot of TV sales during the summer months and prices are higher than usual. If you can, hold off until winter to find the best TV deals.


Keep more of your money where it belongs: in your bank account. Use these tips to shop smart every day in June.

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