A Guide To October Deals For Smart Shoppers

October is a rather sleepy month when it comes to scoring great savings. Still, we are in the earliest phase of the holiday shopping season, so you can certainly find some good buys out there. Here are a few to watch for.

National Taco Day

If only every day were taco day. For now, we're stuck with one, which is coming up fast on October 4th. Check with your favorite Mexican restaurant or food truck because they just might have a great deal on everyone's favorite meal.

School clothing

If you need new items to fill out your child’s closet, prices on fall fashions start coming down this month. Should you need to pick up a few extra pairs of jeans, good news: October is known for its denim deals.

Columbus Day

The holiday falls on October 10, and many retailers use the occasion to have a sale. So if you see a discounted item on your holiday gift list, you may as well snap it up before the holiday rush.


Watch for closeout deals, as retailers clear the sales floor of older models to get ready for Black Friday.


Harvest season for almonds, apples, and pomegranates fall in October, which often means low prices for you. It’s also National Pork Month and National Pizza Month, so be sure to clear your freezer and keep an eye out for sales on bacon and pizzas.

Summer sweep

Retailers will continue to reduce inventory to make way for holiday merchandise. But shop wisely. The smart thing to do is to make a list of summer gear you need for next year, such as camping items. With a plan and a shopping list, you can browse the clearance aisles with a clear mission, avoiding impulse buys that will only add clutter to your garage or closets.

Even though the best is yet to come with November and December deals, stay the course on savings and you'll have more room in your budget for the holiday season.

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