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15 DIY Christmas Gifts For The Spa Lover On Your List

Homemade Christmas gifts aren't just a nice way to save money; they offer the added benefit of being more personal than a gift certificate to a fancy spa. With do-it-yourself (DIY) spa tips and recipes, you can give the gift of luxury without the high price tag.

Homemade Christmas gifts for feet and hands

Because our hands and feet get lots of use every day, they often suffer from dry skin, calluses, and general worn-outness.  A few fancy DIY spa remedies can help make them feel like new.

1) Lime and mint foot soak

This foot soak will not only soothe any aches in your recipient’s feet, but it will also help soften the skin and make their feet smell better. Most of the ingredients needed are items you probably already have around the house, so putting it together should be simple and cheap.

2) Homemade foot balm

The foot soak can help those feet feel better, but this DIY foot balm can make that reinvigorated feeling last.


Easy Homemade Hand Scrub via My Frugal Adventures Easy Homemade Hand Scrub via My Frugal Adventures

3) Satin hands scrub

This hand scrub will help keep your hands smooth, soft, and clean. Like many of the other recipes shared here, it uses ingredients you're likely to already have around, so makes for a very affordable Christmas gift.

4) Sugar and spice pumpkin scrub

For a gift that's a little more seasonally inspired, this scrub is good to use for both your hands and feet and can keep them both smelling and feeling nice.

5) DIY liquid hand soap

Everyone needs soap, which makes this an especially practical Christmas gift. For your friends who also like to keep it frugal, this is a nice, affordable gift that can save them on a necessary cost for a while.

DIY spa face treatments

6) Oatmeal scrub and mask

Another gift that's simple to make and can probably be put together without ever leaving your kitchen. It's soothing and good for the skin.

7) Blueberry facial

This facial treatment adds moisture to the skin and is guaranteed to smell nice while you're using it.


DIY Edible “Mud” Mask via Essentially Eclectic DIY Edible “Mud” Mask via Essentially Eclectic

8) Edible "mud" mask

This chocolaty mud mask moisturizes and tightens your skin and can clean out your pores as well.

9) Peppermint lip balm

For many people, fall and winter mean chapped lips. This festive homemade lip balm can make a great stocking stuffer.

10) Pumpkin face mask

Pumpkin season is still in swing and it turns out everybody's favorite fall gourd is packed with antioxidants and vitamins. This pumpkin face mask exfoliates the skin and helps protect from wrinkles.

DIY Christmas gifts good for the whole body

11) Homeopathic hot packs

When you're achy or sore, heat can be a big help. These homemade hot packs are cute and helpful, and are unique on this list for being something your recipient can use over and over again.

12) Bath bombs

Bath bombs add essential oils to your bath that can soothe muscles and smell nice to boot. The fizzing they do when they hit the water also looks pretty cool.  DIY bath bombs are cheap to make, even while maintaining the coolness and sense of relaxation that comes with the store-bought ones.

13) Peppermint cinnamon body butter

Another seasonally themed suggestion, this body butter will make the recipient's skin softer and provide a reminder of the holidays for as long as it lasts.

14) Peppermint bath salts

Like the bath bombs, some bath salts can make a simple soak in the tub feel like something more special and luxuriating.


Pumpkin Spice Soap via Happiness is Homemade Pumpkin Spice Soap via Happiness is Homemade

15) Peppermint or pumpkin spice soap

These great-looking homemade soap bars are easy to make, affordable, and will be a useful gift for anyone who appreciates being clean (reminder: that's almost everybody over the age of 5).

Most of these recipes can be made in big batches and divided into cutely decorated containers to make gifts for a number of friends and family members. Skip a trip to the mall and make up some batches of DIY spa treatments at home. You'll save money and your friends and family will enjoy the more personal DIY Christmas gifts you took the time to make for them this year.

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