8 Fun And Affordable DIY Hanukkah Decorations

Eight days of gifts can put a big enough dent in your wallet, and that’s without spending money on Hanukkah decorations too. Switching to do-it-yourself crafts for your Hanukkah decorations this year can give the family something fun to do together and save you a little cash during what often feels like the season of spending.

1) Wooden Star of David

This one-time Hanukkah craft can make a lovely decoration for many years to come. It does require a small time commitment, but the materials are cheap and the extra work will make the end result that much more valuable to your family.

2) Hanukkah banner with eggshell mosaic stars

Dreidels and stars are the main components of this decorative Hanukkah banner. This craft's great for younger children, and like the wooden star, it makes a great holiday decoration at little expense to you.

3) Tin can luminaries

Let there be festive, DIY light. These tin can luminaries are simple to make and add some extra Hanukkah atmosphere to whatever room or area they illuminate.

4) Felt Hanukkah coasters

Simple, functional and seasonally significant, these Hanukkah crafts let you decorate your tables with dreidels and ward off water stains at all once.

5) Tinfoil Hanukkah cards

These colorful tinfoil cards can be sent to friends and family, or scattered throughout the house as shiny Hanukkah decorations. Either way, they'll bea fun Hanukkah DIY project for the kids.

6) Gold gelt garland

Gold gelt is one of the most familiar traditions of the season. String some inexpensive plastic gelt to a string and you have a lovely garland to add some shine to your home.

7) Glittery dreidel gift card holders

This Hanukkah DIY craft involves only four supplies, none of them costly. The glittery card holders add a little pizzazz to any of your Hanukkah presents.

8) Photo menorah

A great way to celebrate family while celebrating Hanukkah, this photo menorah is a Hanukkah decoration that's moving and personal.

A few good Hanukkah DIY crafts make it easy to keep up the festivities in ways that are both creative and affordable for eight days straight.

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