Fabulously Frugal Father’s Day Tips

Father’s Day is around the corner! For many of us, dad was our first financial advisor. He taught us about saving and spending wisely, so this Sunday do him proud with these fun, low-cost present ideas.

Let Dad relax

1. Throw him a home barbecue. If he normally mans the grill, hand him a drink, sit him in a lounge chair and take over.

2. Does he have a favorite restaurant meal? Look up a copycat recipe and make it at home! (That will usually save him extra calories, which is a great present too.)

3. Offer up your time and sweat—let dad take the day off while you handle some of his chores, especially any he’s been putting off (like the leaking roof or overgrown lawn).

4. Can’t visit dad this weekend? Create and mail (or email) him some coupons for a home-cooked meal or hard work during your next trip.

Get him something special

1. Is your dad a granddad? Have your kids draw pictures for grandpa and frame them for a nice presentation.

2. Create your own card for dad, letting him know just how much you appreciate him.

3. Bake him his favorite cake or a batch of your famous cookies.

4. Hand make him a gift. He’ll appreciate the time and love that went into it.

5. Really want to buy him a gift? Look for coupons first!

Have more money saving tips for celebrating dad? Add them in the comments! And from the Kasasa family to yours, have a great Father’s Day!

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