Cheap Decoration Ideas For Thanksgiving

So the family is spending Thanksgiving at your place for the first time. You have the guest list, your grocery list, and you’ve bookmarked the websites with the best cooking hacks. You’re ready.

While food takes center stage on this day, it's likely you want to give your place that warm, autumnal feel, too. But with meal expenses already piling up, how can you decorate without over-extending your budget?

Fortunately, being mindful with cash does not mean you need to sacrifice a festive environment. These décor ideas should help you do the trick on the cheap.

Grocery store assists

Have you noticed those bins and bins of gourds at your friendly local grocery store? You’d be surprised by the beautiful things you can make from them to create a light, fall atmosphere. How about pumpkin candle holders that can double as a small gift to your guests, or a mini-pumpkin wreath? Grab some fall fruit like apples, pears, or clementines, and turn them into place card holders.

Natural beauty

You don't need to look much further than you own back yard to bring fall beauty indoors. You could fill a straight-sided vase with an assortment of pine cones to make a striking centerpiece. Even a tree branch, perhaps one with a few colorful leaves still clinging to it, can become a “Thanksgiving tree” of sorts,, decorated with acorns. Some carefully chosen fall leaves hold many possibilities, too. Use them to cover Mason jars and let the candlelight illuminate their reds and golds. Or use fishing wire to hang them from a curved twig or a wire hoop to fashion a leaf mobile that catches the light and air.

Let the kids help

Keep their minds and hands busy before the feast. Cover the kids table with craft paper and offer up crayons and colored pencils so they can design their own Thanksgiving place setting. While you're at it, throw in a few more crafty items, such as stickers, adhesive foam shapes, construction paper, stencils, and glue sticks.

In the end, your guests might not remember exactly what your house looked like, but they will definitely remember how you made them feel. These creative touches will help set the perfect mood to eat turkey and be thankful!


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