It's Not Too Late To Round Up Some Christmas Money!

By this time, time has run out to pull off certain goals before the end of the year. Maybe you won't become a marathon runner this year, but if you're creative and willing, other goals are still achievable. For example, if you want to pull together enough cash to do all your Christmas shopping, there’s still time to find a way.

Even though it’s crunch time, these simple tips will help you shake loose enough money to pull off the zero-balance credit card bill in January.

Hit pause on an indulgence

Just about everyone likes to treat themselves to something. If you commit yourself to finding one or two treats to skip, you’ll be surprised by how much cash you can save. If you skip the Friday morning latte at your favorite coffee shop for the next five weeks, that’s $30, which would be enough to cover one gift. If you can eliminate another indulgence or two, such as dinner out with friends, then that may be enough to add another couple of gifts.

Find something to sell

Now’s a good time to go through your closets, drawers, and storage units in search of gently used items you no longer need; you may be able to put together a virtual garage sale on Craigslist. Clothing, collectibles, old musical instruments, books, furniture, children's toys... whatever you have that's gathering dust can be quickly converted into greenbacks.

Get a part-time job

There’s probably no easier time of the year to pick up a side hustle. Focus on service industries, such as retail, grocery, movie theaters and restaurants; these venues will be busier and operating for longer hours during the holiday season and will need more hands on deck. Drop off an application and make yourself available evenings and weekends for the next few weeks.

Scoop up rewards

This is an opportune time to notice sales and incentives, and then make them a part of your routine. Taking a few extra steps to shave even 10% off your total spending will make it easier to reach your goal.

When it's time to go shopping, make sure you remember to use your Kasasa debit card, so you can earn rewards you actually want and need, including cash!

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