5 Surprisingly Fun Ways To Give Kids Cash For The Holidays

It can feel downright awkward to give a child or teenager money for Christmas, even if you know for a fact they’ll have a blast on their spending spree. The good news is you don't have to settle for the boring card-and-envelope routine. We’ve rounded up a few inventive ideas to turn the gift of cash into a fun experience.

Money trees

Present a tabletop Christmas tree decorated with a string of lights and origami decorations made of money. Shape the bills into stars, pine trees, and other designs that are meaningful to the recipient. Or if you’re especially crafty, you can make an actual money tree.

Bottle challenge

Dress up an empty two-liter bottle with ribbon and a large personalized label and fill it with bills. The recipient won’t realize it at first, but the bottle comes with a built-in brain challenge. They will need to find a way to work the cash out of that tiny opening. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha

The ecstasy of gold

Give them something to remember with a scavenger hunt. Clue by clue, let them make their way upstairs, downstairs, through the garage, outside and back in, until they hit the mother lode.

Sweet money holder

At first they’ll think you have given them a mason jar filled with their favorite candy. But wait — there’s a cardboard tube inside with a roll of bills! Chocolate boxes work, too. Just replace a few nuggets with rolled-up bills. The best part is they’ll get two things they really want.

Party time

A greenback concealed in a balloon is a fun and festive way to deliver your gift. Make it exciting with a living-room balloon drop, and send the kids scurrying to pop them all.

With a little holiday magic, even money can be transformed into a fun and thoughtful gift.


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