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5 Cheap Gifts For Employee Appreciation Day

No business succeeds because of a single person’s effort — it takes a team. What’s more, people don’t work for money alone; they like to hear that their work is appreciated. Friday, March 4 is Employee Appreciation Day. Whether you’re the captain of your team or one of the players, take the time to show your gratitude for everyone’s hard work.

Here are five inexpensive gift ideas that can show your employees and coworkers how much you value them on this Employee Appreciation Day.


A Tasty Treat

Food can be a personal, much-appreciated gift that doesn’t have to cost much. You can treat the whole team with a pizza party at lunch, or give individual employees food gifts that match their tastes. The office coffee-lover might appreciate some gourmet beans presented in a new mug. For the chocoholics on the team, a small box of gourmet truffles could be a winner. Have a home chef? Try a small bottle of truffle oil and a recipe book.


Personalized Praise They Can Save

Sure, you say “good job” often enough verbally and in emails, but praise can mean more when it’s put on a page. Jot each employee a handwritten note and be specific with your admiration: “I really appreciate the way you mentor the younger members of the team” or “great job handling the difficult client situation last week.”


Something To Green Their Desks

Your workers spend many hours of their lives at their desks, so they might enjoy adding some life to their environment. Consider giving each employee a small plant for their desks. These gifts not only show that you care, they can add some calm to your office environment.


Tech Tools They’ll Love

There are plenty of inexpensive tech tools can be useful and thoughtful. For example, is there someone on staff who chronically drains his cellphone battery? Give him a charging stick. Desktop cube speakers, a cellphone stand or case, or flash drives also make economical tech gifts.


Gift Cards

Every holiday season, gift cards are among the most-requested gifts. They’re also great throughout the year, and perfect for showing appreciation to employees. Gift cards empower you to be personal (a coffee shop card for the coffee lover or a card to the recipient’s favorite retail store) while also allowing the recipient to choose his or her own gift. It’s a great way to ensure they get exactly what they want!

Employee Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to set an appreciative tone for the rest of the year. And with a few cost-effective gift ideas for employees, you don’t have to spend a bundle to show your team how much you love them.

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