3 Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts From The Heart


Mother’s Day is around the corner! When you were a kid, mom always told you her favorite presents were the ones you made yourself. While you might not be able to get away with a macaroni-covered frame when you graduate elementary school, I’ll bet your mom will still love a homemade gift. Putting time and effort shows mom how much you care, and shows your wallet a little love too.

Below are some ideas I’ve come up with that you can pull off this weekend. If you have others, add them in the comments!

A DIY spa basket

Make your own body scrub and lip scrub, via these simple tutorials from Deliciously Organized.

I’ve actually made both of these myself for my mom this year (which is how this got to the top of the list!) and they are super simple and all natural, which is another awesome benefit.

Find a nice basket or box to put them in and feel free to bulk it up by adding some natural soap, bath salts, lotion, etc. If you can get dad on board, add in a certificate for a “whenever you want, husband-provided back massage.”

Make her a card

You can even fingerpaint this one if that’s your forte. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest mail days of the year but the majority of those cards (I’m making an educated guess here) are store-bought with only a few lines written by you. Make your mom a homemade card with all your own words. Tell her how much you appreciate and love her and she’ll love the card.

A relaxing family dinner

Relaxing for her, but not so much for you, mom will definitely appreciate a home-cooked meal prepared by her children. Plan the menu, get the groceries, and set up shop at your mother’s house. Give her a drink and a magazine and don’t let her set foot in the kitchen! Don't forget to do the cleaning up too.


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