Memorial Day 2020: Activities For The #StayAtHome Patriotic

Memorial Day might give you an extra day off work, but it offers much more than just a chance to fire up the grill. Don’t forget what Memorial Day is all about — honoring veterans, troops, and their families.

Celebrations for the holiday, which occurs on the last Monday in May, won’t look like they have in prior years, however, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways you can recognize the holiday at home.


Write a thank-you letter

A Million Thanks is an organization that connects you to men and women in the military, giving you the opportunity to send thank-you cards. This is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages, so get the whole family involved.


Listen to veterans' stories

Grab the kiddos and spend some time listening to a range of stories from active military members and veterans alike through Storycorps oral history. 

The Military Voices Initiative provides a platform for veterans, service members, and military families to share their stories. In doing so we honor their voices, amplify their experiences, and let them know that we—as a nation—are listening.


Watch an online parade has organized a virtual event to commemorate Memorial Day and the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. The stream is scheduled to air on Ancestry's Facebook Page via Watch Party on Monday, May 25, at 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT).

Kathie Lee Gifford will host the festivities, and the event will include a musical performance from singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, in addition to exclusive veteran interviews and special tributes.


Hang a flag in your yard

Show your support for our troops and those who have sacrificed for our country by decorating your yard in red, white, and blue. And during your Memorial Day festivities, don’t forget to take a moment of silence to reflect and remember the soldiers who have given their lives for our country.


Take a virtual tour of the White House

You might not be able to travel to our nation's capital this year, but you can still tour it. Head to Google Arts & Culture for a virtual tour of the historic home, complete with facts about its architecture and important events that took place in each room.


Chalk Art it up, red white and blue style

Our sidewalks and driveways are the perfect canvas for boosting neighborhood morale, one chalk drawing at a time, especially on holidays like Memorial Day. Grab your bucket of chalk to create a patriotic-themed sidewalk mural. If you need a bit of inspo to get going, Pinterest won't disappoint.


Pick up the phone

If there's one thing we've learned from the COVID-19 quarantine, it's that connection is what's most important. For many, Memorial Day is a day full of emotion. If you know someone who lost a loved on to war, the simple gesture of a phone call will go a long way. Offer your gratitude and well wishes and let them know you're thinking of them.


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