15 Patriotic DIY home decor ideas

We're big fans of Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and even Flag Day. Sprinkled throughout the year, each holiday is a great reminder to be thankful for our freedoms, our national stars and stripes, and those brave people who protect and serve our nation.

One of the ways people show national pride is by decorating their homes, but also park pavilions, bicycles, city streets, and local businesses. If you’ve read our money-saving DIY ideas you know we're also fans of easy and cheap DIY home decor that can be repurposed. With so many patriotic holidays, you can use the same decorations used for every other red, white, and blue event. 

To help you create your own budget-friendly collection of patriotic seasonal decorations, we've compiled this list of awesome and affordable DIY crafts.


15 patriotic DIY home decor ideas

  1. Spell out USA with craft store letters. Paint them simply with red, white, and blue, or add stars and stripes! There are so many options with this idea to fit your style or your budget.

  2. Star garlands add instant drama to every mantle, curtain rod, staircase banister, and doorway. Removable hooks with a sticky adhesive can make hanging, and removing them, easier. If sewing is too tricky for little hands, use a hole punch and staple to string them on yarn and space them.

  3. Planning a neighborhood parade? Find plenty of simple crafts, including bicycle decor ideas, for you and your neighbors.

  4. Hang easy-to-make tissue paper pom-poms for a pop of color indoors or out.

  5. These patriotic starbursts just look complicated; the instructions are easy to follow. Hint: use staples instead of brads, to take advantage of what you already have on hand.

  6. Between the watermelon and the corn on the cob, don't forget the table decorations. Some require paint, some just flags and flowers.

  7. If you haven’t made a 3-D star out of cardboard yet, you should do so immediately. You can reuse it during the holidays, too, and skip the expensive metal ones from the craft stores.

  8. This wreath uses a similar technique as the 3-D star. To save money, skip the wire wreath form and cut a thin wreath shape out of cardboard. Or better yet, a star shape!

  9. Turn a few mason jars into utensil holders – perfect for every summer cookout. If you are working with youngsters, opt for water and food coloring, then close them up and color, cut, and glue stars on the lids. and use them to decorate around the house or yard.

  10. Made out of old jeans and a pool noodle, this durable wreath is perfect for outdoor decoration.

  11. Add stars to your lawn. These are easily made with flour and water so add them to your crafts for kids list!

  12. Still looking for kid-friendly options? Try these star-spangled luminarias. Battery-powered tea lights instead of real candles make them reusable throughout the summer­ season.

  13. Recycle some tin cans into windsocks with some spray paint and ribbon. As an alternative, use the cans to make lanterns.

  14. If you have red and blue bandanas (or know where you can get your hands on them for not much money) there are plenty of ways to use them to decorate.

  15. This hand and footprint flag will be a great keepsake for years to come. Get the whole family involved and add your handprints, too, or create a new one every year to celebrate another year of life and liberty.

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