How To Beat An Olympian (In Savings)


With the Winter Olympics upon us, all eyes are on the world's greatest athletes. While some of the biggest awards this season go to the Olympians who head home later this month with luggage made heavier by gold, silver, or bronze medals, you may be surprised to learn the actual value of those medals is mostly symbolic.

Although the pride and honor that comes with winning a medal in the Olympics is hard to beat, the savings and rewards Kasasa account holders get every month are a different kind of prize. (And one you get without any of the grueling training!)

Smart online banking choices may not win you the respect from your peers that a gold medal would (okay, they definitely won't), but they will win you tangible savings in higher interest rates and fewer fees, actual money back, rewards like songs and apps on iTunes® or Amazon ® or donations to your favorite charity.

Just how much are those Winter Olympics medals really worth?

  • One gold medal is worth $644.
  • A silver medal is worth $330.
  • Bronze medals are worth just $5.

According to the official site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, 1,300 total medals are being made and awarded. We don't know exactly how that number breaks down in terms of gold, silver, and bronze, but if the amount of each is close to equal, the total value of all the medals for 2014 is worth less than $450,000. Even if that full 1,300 were all gold medals, the total would be less than $1 million.

By comparison, Kasasa account holders have earned over $10 million in rewards in the past few years. Yep, $10,000,000.00.

That means if they so choose, Kasasa account holders could purchase over 15,000 gold medals with their savings. Well, not really since gold medalists aren't usually eager to sell their hard-earned winnings, but in theory at least.

Kasasa accounts are able to offer some of the best savings and rewards you'll find anywhere because they're designed to benefit both account holders and community banks and credit unions. The result is free online banking accounts that give back to users, without regular fees.

Getting to the Olympics is hard, but saving with Kasasa is easy! Don't settle for the usual online banking options that come with no rewards and little in savings, go for the gold with Kasasa.

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