Business vs. Personal Checks: What Entrepreneurs Should Know

A personal checking account is often the first introduction to the world of finance. It's quick, easy, and a great way to track expenses. With the face of the check covered with images of sports, puppies, landscapes, or graffiti, a personal check is also a statement of individuality and one more fun way to make spending money a personal expression.

While it may seem to be a simple extension to continue to use a personal check in the realm of business, a business check is both significantly different in what it represents and what it can do.


It's Just Business

business vs personal checks

Unlike a personal check, a business check is associated with a business checking account. Whether the business check is for your own small business or a corporate account, you must maintain a clear delineation between personal and business expenses. That difference is often reinforced by larger, professional checks that are arranged for easy printing. Since a business check represents one more piece of the branding puzzle, this type of check generally includes the company name, logo, and address.


Going Pro

In many business situations, you want to present a professional image. A business check is one piece of the overall image, but it's also one of the most essential. A business check adds a perceived level of legitimacy, even if a business is still new while laying a foundation for what will hopefully be a long and successful relationship with your vendors, clients, and employees. The separation becomes more important as tax time rolls around, but keeping accounts clearly delineated is a protection for business owners in case of any legal filings or other concerns.


Safety and Security Measures

business vs personal checks security

In the 1500s, the Dutch first envisioned the concept of a check being a safer option than cash. Security has been of utmost concern ever since. Business checks feature the best possible security measures, including watermarks, holograms, fluorescent fibers, and heat-sensitive ink. All these features are key to preventing fraud, which is an important consideration for every business.


Flexibility Is Key

A business check is not the only way to conduct business, but for many reasons, it is still one of the most flexible and cost-effective methods to conduct a financial relationship. It's easy to print checks, and checks are often more expedient from a bookkeeping standpoint. Credit card companies charge fees, and paying for products and services by cash is usually not practical or safe.


Ultimately, a business check saves time and money, and it offers peace of mind. Business check usage can also grow and change with a company, since many options exist for how a business check can seamlessly integrate into nearly every facet of business requirements, including direct tie-ins with QuickBooks.


Starting the first forays into the personal finance realm with a personal check is just the starting point into a new world of possibilities with the professional world of business checks. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, business checks are one of the most essential pieces of your company's brand image and professional persona.


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