Community Banking Institutions Coming Together

We love getting feedback and answering questions. This one just came in via our blog comments so we thought we'd bring it forward and get it out there.

Question from “Anonymous”

"Why in the world would I want to offer the same checking account product as the other community banks down the road from us? How would this help us stand out from the pack? What a bunch of bologna."

Kasasa responds...

Hi Anonymous, that's a great question.

Kasasa is a new way to bank that puts consumers first, which can only be done through offering innovative products + the personal touch of a community banking institution. We only work with the finest community banks and credit unions nationwide and we qualify them first so the Kasasa products are exclusive to a select set of community banks and credit unions.

Sure, the bank up the road may be offering one (or all) of these Kasasa products, but we've found through looking at the industry landscape that the real competition is the mega banks - the ones that have the majority of the share and choose to treat their customers like a number.

We did a lot of research and found that people really would prefer to bank with a community financial institution, but they don't think that they have the big budgets to actually be able to offer innovative products. Kasasa products empower community banks and credit unions with exciting products to better serve the consumer, give smaller institutions a competitive edge AND to change the face of banking as we know it.

We all know that the megas spend millions on advertising to try to drown out everyone else - with Kasasa community financial institutions can use scale to get the message out that there is something better and that consumers can find it at one of the finest community banking institutions.

Hey everybody: Why do YOU Kasasa?

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