Constantly On The Move? Doesn’t Mean A Megabank Is Better

“But I like knowing that no matter where I move in the U.S., my mega is everywhere!”

Well, guess what? So is Kasasa.

Millennials and young families are constantly on the move. Whether you’re relocating for your new job or you simply have a case of wanderlust, it might seem easier to just go with a national megabank that has branch locations everywhere. By tackling these common misconceptions, we’re pointing out why bigger isn’t always better.

“I won’t be able to find a convenient ATM when I’m out and about.”

With Kasasa, your ATM is on every corner. You’ll receive refunds on ATM fees across the country.

“I won’t have the convenience of online banking with a credit union or community bank.”

Most community banks and credit unions have the same online banking technology that the megas have, allowing you to view e-statements, log into your account, and pay bills online. You can also make Kasasa deposits at any ATM, and some credit unions and community banks even have their own mobile app.

“I can get free checking at any megabank.”

Kasasa isn’t just a free checking account. Local banks and credit unions offering Kasasa actually pay you cash rewards each month just for doing normal things, like using your debit card and signing up for e-statements.

“It will be too complicated and inconvenient to switch banks.”

While switching banks can be a hassle, making the switch to a local bank doesn’t have to be. In fact, 81% of people who switched said doing so wasn’t difficult at all. Switching your accounts could be as easy as picking up the phone. Check out these tips for switching and you’ll never look back.

With Kasasa, it’s time to forget the excuses. Switch to a local community bank or credit union for the personalized service and better rates you need without sacrificing convenience.

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