Using a Kasasa account to grow your emergency fund

In 2017, a customer who switched financial institutions joined the 11% of American consumers who changed banks in search of better value and service. Many jumped at the chance to earn a higher return, including moving their emergency funds from a large commercial bank to a credit union or locally-owned, community bank. In the post-pandemic financial environment, almost twice as many – 22% of customers – will be shopping for a new financial institution.  Are you looking for a better way to save money?

By researching options, consumers can find a bank or regional credit union to join for the benefits of growing savings may also be pleasantly surprised that it is possible to secure a mortgage or personal loan at competitive interest rates. After learning about the benefits of switching financial institutions, you may ask, "What else am I overlooking?"

You may see Kasasa banking options after a quick skim of local credit union’s website or even hear about it from a friend or co-worker. In fact, you could be surprised to find out you might be missing out on the ability to earn up to 200 times the annual interest rate of a commercial bank, with Kasasa Cash® and Saver® accounts!

The Kasasa Saver® provides the perfect place to keep emergency funds liquid, while Kasasa Cash® helps consumers with everyday spending. And the best part is it is possible to earn interest in both accounts, plus ATM fee refunds every month. Winning!

If you are one of the one-in-five consumers that are considering switching, or even ready to switch, financial institutions, imagine finding a local bank or credit union where you can be more than a customer – you can even become a fan. If the benefits of rewards banking not only allow you to grow your emergency fund, but also leave you with a positive sense of financial well-being, why not choose a community-based bank or credit union? Find out how Kasasa makes saving and spending even more worthwhile!

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