20 Reasons You Should Bank With a Community Bank or Credit Union in 2020

The new year is a time of reflection. So in honor of the start of 2020, let us contemplate the 20 ways that you benefit when you turn to a credit union or community bank for your financial needs.

  1. No scams: Employees aren’t pressured to meet aggressive sales goals. Rest easy, no one is going to open a secret credit card behind your back.
  2. Earn a high return on your checking: With a free Kasasa checking account, you earn real interest on your checking account, instead of letting it just sit there like it does in most checking accounts.
  3. ATM fee reimbursements: Withdraw cash at any ATM with a Kasasa account and you'll be refunded for out-of-network withdrawal fees every month you meet the qualifications. So any ATM is your ATM!
  4. Community involvement: Look closely at who is helping and supporting local causes. Chances are you’ll discover a local bank or credit union in the mix.
  5. Less annoying hold music: With a smaller staff comes deeper knowledge, so answers to questions and problems come quickly.
  6. Small-business support: Independent businesses can get the cash infusion they need thanks to the small loan packages that aren't offered by megabanks.
  7. First-name basis: Local banks and credit unions take time to get to know their customers. You’ll be a name, not an account number.
  8. Bringing the community together: When it’s time to find sponsors for a festival or some other fun community event, local institutions are often loyal supporters, which makes fun local events possible.
  9. ATM access: Community banks and credit unions might have less locations then a megabank, but you can still withdraw cash for free thanks to their participation in national networks like CO-OP and MoneyPass (and Kasasa accounts refund ATM withdrawal fees nationwide — just sayin’).
  10. Great rates for loans: When it's time to borrow money for your new car, small business, or mortgage, they often have lower loan rates.
  11. Scholarships: Many of these small institutions give their profits to students in the community.
  12. School outreach: Some banks and credit unions run programs in elementary schools, helping students set up and manage their own savings accounts. Hello, financial literacy!
  13. Cash back: A Kasasa account, for example, pays you cash every month for doing things like using your debit card and checking your online balance.
  14. Fewer lines and better service: Local banks and credit unions have a reputation for putting customers first.
  15. Financial literacy: As they see it, when people gain tools and financial savvy through community classes, everyone wins. Don’t be surprised if your local bank or credit union holds financial literacy seminars from time to time.
  16. Human touches: These are everywhere. You get personalized service. And their light-hearted yet informative approach to social media is well worth a follow.
  17. A real relationship with your bank: When you bank at a local bank or credit union, they see you as part of a community that makes it all work. They want you to succeed so they'll be there for you.
  18. Access to top-tier products: Long gone are the days where community financial institutions only offer hum-dum banking products.  Local banks and credit unions have access innovative products like the Kasasa Loan (the only loan with Take-Backs. Learn more.
  19. Local knowledge: Because community financial institutions are engaged in local matters, they're more accustomed to evaluation loans in your area.
  20. They create jobs: Local banks and credit unions employ over 700,000 people nationwide. Further, they play a big role in funding small businesses, which employe more than half of the private workforce in the U.S.

Ditch unnecessary fees and bad personal service. Rest easy with a bank account that gives back in big ways this new year. Find a Kasasa account in your area today.

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