10 Money-Saving Ideas For DIY Home Decor

When people come over, you want them to see a bit of you in the design of your rooms. More importantly, being that you spend time almost every day in your own home, you want home decor that you like. Home decorating ideas come in many forms, but what most have in common is the high price tag attached. Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for home decor are the exception.

DIY home decor gives you room to be creative and bring elements of your distinct style into your house at a cost you can handle, even on a tight budget.

Here are a few crafty ideas to get you started.


General home decorating ideas 

1) Make a homemade chandelier.

Chandeliers have a reputation for being fancy, but there are lots of variations of the theme. Here are 25 DIY projects for chandeliers that show how wide ranging chandelier styles can be. Pick the one that feels the most "you" – or take these as inspiration to make something completely different (and of course, let us know about it in the comments!).

2) Make a homemade organizer.

You can store craft supplies, makeup, jewelry, kids' crayons, or any number of small items in a crafty, colorful homemade organizer. Not only will you add a little more character to your home, you'll end up with cleaner counters and desks.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

3) Make paper flowers for decoration.

Unless you're growing your own, real flowers used for home decoration have to be tossed and replaced every other week or so. Paper flowers will last much longer, and the main supply for making them is one you can count on being cheap. There are a lot of options to choose from, here's a list of 50 tutorials for different types of paper flowers all in one place. 


DIY home decor for bathroom ideas

4) Make your own soap dispensers. 

Mason jar soap dispensers can be made with supplies many people already have around the house. You can paint them to be more colorful, or add more unique decorations with paint pens. Even without the extra color they give a rustic, crafty feel to the bathroom.

5) Use hanging baskets to organize. 

Bathroom counter space can get crowded. These hanging baskets help you keep all your bathroom items more organized and accessible (and look pretty cool too).


DIY home decor for kitchen ideas

6) Make a menu board.

You know those adorable cafes that always have a menu board out front that not only shows the specials, but also adds some nice character to the place? There's absolutely no reason not to add one of those to your own kitchen.

You can use it to plan and share the dinner menu (here are a few budget-friendly healthy eating ideas if you want some help with that step) in your home for each week like this mom does. Or you can use it for general decoration, to keep up with your shopping list, or to share notes with your family.

7) Decorate old soda boxes to use for storing soup cans.

How many cans are currently in your cupboard? You don't have to actually go count, but the answer's probably somewhere in the range of "a lot." You can make better use of that space and find a more decorative way to store all those cans with the help of this soda box can storage idea. Decorate them however you like and enjoy the extra space.

8) Make a wine rack out of a rake.

Who knew a rake could be made into something aesthetic (yet still useful)? Over at Tattered Style, there are pictures and instructions to prove that a hand rake can make a useful wine rack in your kitchen.


DIY home decor for bedroom ideas

9) Decorate a mirror with plastic spoons.

You probably already have (or want) a mirror in your bedroom. Why not add a little extra pizzazz to it? This DIY project to spruce up your mirror makes use of an (inexpensive) item common to many homes: plastic spoons.

10) Decorate your pillows.

You spend a lot of time with those pillows; they can be nice to look at as well as comfortable. Puffy paint is an easy option to turn your pillows into mini works of art.

Pinterest is full of DIY projects to keep the frugal and crafty supplied with home decorating ideas. 

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