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You got your first move done a few years ago, but frankly, it cost a lot more than you thought it would.


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For many college students, the time they join college is their first time to handle money on their own. Creating a budget and...

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Some habits form so easily we aren't even aware of them, like the way we manage and spend our money. Poor spending habits can...

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Guest blog provided by our friend Jessica Thiefels. 

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From graduations to Father’s Day, there’s a lot to celebrate in the month of June. While you’re getting ready for vacations...

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By Kasasa On September 8, 2011

6 Great Sites To Find Coupons

September is National Coupon Month. According to the official website, consumers have saved $2 billion in the first six months of...

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By Kasasa On July 28, 2011

Budget-Friendly Paper Crafts

Kids home for the summer? Overabundance of glue in your cabinets? Maybe you’re just an art teacher at heart with a desire to...

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