How To Plan A Cheap Staycation


Bishop Castle near Pueblo, CO, is the most Game-of-Thrones-meets-The-Flintstones structure you may ever encounter. I almost added “in real life,” but this castle doesn’t even seem real, it’s so fantastical. But it is real – created one stone at a time by one man since 1972. This jaw-dropping monument of stone, mortar, metal, and glass – complete with turrets, bridges, and a dragon’s head – soars almost 16 stories high from the floor of the San Isabel National Forest. I couldn’t wait to take my daughters there, and we still talk about how fun it was to explore the castle. That was March 2004.

Playing Tourist in Our Hometown

All these years later, my girls remember Bishop Castle and the fun things we did that spring break. It was the first year we elected to take a “staycation.” We’ve done the same thing many times since, each time choosing a nearby city to explore over a week’s time. It costs next to nothing, since there are no overnight stays. And all it takes is a little planning (thank you, interwebs), food money (what better way to get to know a place than to eat local, right?), and gas in the car.

Though we’ve been fortunate to have taken our family on some incredible vacations in exotic and popular locations, the staycays are hands-down some of the most memorable. And if life is mostly (and, I would argue, ONLY) about relationships, then experiences are at the heart of creating positive times together. I’m a big believer in experiencing adventures, big and small, and our in-state trips truly cemented my family’s shared memories.

Fueling the Opportunity for Fun

So when the Kasasa Great Gas Giveaway was announced, I was beyond excited. What an impactful way to help folks discover how to take back their banking by opening a Kasasa account. We’re giving away hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas to demonstrate how Kasasa accounts give back in rewards people really want. Not only that, there’s a sweepstakes, too! Kasasa’s Take Back Your Banking Sweepstakes offers you a chance to win a year’s worth of gas.

Let me repeat that.

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I’d hit the road with my children. What would you do if you didn’t have to pay to fill your tank for a year? Think of the places YOU could explore. Oh, the staycations you could take! The possibilities are so exciting!

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UPDATE: The gas giveaway event and sweepstakes are now closed.

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