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We'll help you get started with these 3 quick tips:


Your enrollment deadline and signup method depends on your primary home state. Don't wait until the last second!


Plans change annually, so it's a good idea to keep up with what's available. Take a little time to make sure you're not overpaying or paying extra for coverage you don't need.


Insurance costs are fixed by the carrier, meaning you don't have to price-shop. Instead, focus on choosing an insurance company that has your back and stays with you long after you enroll.

It's easy to find a plan that best fits your needs

Get covered in a few simple steps:

  1. Answer three easy questions about yourself.
  2. Add dependents or primary physicians to check if they're in-network.
  3. Review plans and choose the one that best fits your needs.
  4. Create your account and complete checkout so you're covered when 2021 rolls around.

Your ideal coverage options. Your go-to physician. All in one place.

Kasasa Care and KindHealth work together to make finding health insurance easy and rewarding with our digital portal.

In just a few clicks, you can get access to hundreds of carriers, from national brands to regional names, to easily make the most informed choice in minutes — without paying for what you don't need. And because insurance rates are set, you can be sure you're getting the best price (and top-notch service). No shopping around needed!

Plus, if you get stuck or overwhelmed with medical jargon, licensed agents are just a phone call away at (866) 924-8896.

We're a proud partner with KindHealth.

KindHealth is revolutionizing the health insurance industry, providing the tools to help you find a plan, enroll in coverage, and so much more — without paying for the things you shouldn't. From finding errors on your medical bills to making smart insurance recommendations, KindHealth is your personal health advocate in the complex world of insurance, even after you've enrolled. Don't just get coverage — get cared for with KindHealth.

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