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Medicare enrollment checklist

We heard you’re turning 65 soon — congratulations! This means you’re now qualified to enroll in Medicare.

But Medicare can be tricky. That’s why we’ve created this easy-to-follow enrollment checklist for you to keep on hand as you make your decision. So toss the confusing mailers, sales letters, and packets of fine print — and make your choice with confidence.

Start with some research. Learn the A, B, Cs (and D) of Medicare here.

Enroll in Original Medicare. If you’re not automatically enrolled in Original Medicare, you can sign up now during your Initial Enrollment Period. (You’ll need Parts A and B to get additional coverage.)

Set your budget. Would you rather a maximum out-of-pocket, or pay 20% of the total cost of all your care? Do you need prescription drug coverage? This will help you determine the additional options you need.

Think about your current care team. Check to see if your doctors accept Original Medicare, or make sure they are in your Medicare Advantage plan’s network.

Choose additional coverage, if you’d like. To enroll in Medicare Advantage (Part C), Medigap, or Medicare Part D, you’ll need to do so with a private insurance company. To help you pick the best plan, make sure to choose a partner (like KindHealth) that has your back — long after enrollment.

You’re almost done! By now, you probably have a few questions. Don’t hesitate to call a KindHealth Licensed Medicare Advisor at (866) 924-8896 to get answers — it’s completely free.


Enrolling in additional Medicare coverage must be done over the phone. When you’re ready, call a Licensed Medicare Advisor at (866) 924-8896. It’s that easy.

Congratulations! You’ve officially enrolled in Medicare. Now get back to enjoying those years you’ve been waiting for.

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