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Put your wellness into perspective: Reveal more than just vision problems with routine eye care.

Is vision insurance worth it?
See for yourself.

A comprehensive plan not only saves you money on routine care; it gives you peace of mind too, because you’ll get a peek into the overall state of your health with every visit.

Without vision insurance, your annual eye exam could cost an average of $1811, on top of other eye-related expenses. Opting into coverage could bring your copay to just $15 for your annual visit, depending on your plan. Plus, enjoy low out-of-pocket costs on eyeglasses or contacts, as well as other discounted services and procedures. All for as little as $16 a month — or, the price of lunch.

It pays to be proactive.

With vision insurance, the savings are clear — up to $400 a year based on estimated costs.







It’s more than just eye care — it’s proactive health care.

They say your eyes are the “window to the world.” Often, they are a window into the state of your overall health, too. Staying proactive is easy when you’re backed by comprehensive coverage at low out-of-pocket costs.

On top of a routine check for conditions like digital eye strain, cataracts, and dry eyes, your annual WellVision Exam® can be helpful in the early detection of signs of other health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Staying on top of your health is critical. And catching health concerns early gives you more options ‐ with less worry and financial strain.

Personalized eyecare at an affordable price.

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A selection of plans fit for you and your family


Annual comprehensive WellVision Exam®, included in all plans


Annual allowance for contact lenses or eyeglasses


A wide variety of name-brand frames to choose from


Choose from a nationwide network of independent doctors


Savings on laser vision correction

Get covered in less than ten minutes online, or call a licensed agent at (855) 907-7330.

  1. Provide us with a few basic details about yourself.
  2. Review the plans and choose one that best fits your needs.
  3. Complete checkout and create your account to kickstart coverage.

Looking into laser vision correction?

If you have farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, or astigmatism, laser vision correction might be on your mind.

Once you’re insured, it’s easy to search for a laser vision specialist and set up an appointment for a consultation. Here, they’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for surgery and begin the process of scheduling your procedure. (Tip: be sure to select an in-network doctor to maximize your benefits.)

Your coverage can help with the cost — up to 15% off regular pricing!

Save money on eyewear costs.

With an annual allowance for contact lenses or eyeglasses, you can rest assured you’re getting the optical care you need for the best value, with even better choices. Depending on the plan you choose, you can save big on a wide variety of the latest name-brand frames.


*Actual amount dependent on plan selected.

Keep your finances in full focus with vision insurance.

A vision plan is an affordable way to manage your eye-related expenses. Learn some of the ways it can help you save.


Eyeglasses or contact lenses.


The average cost of frames without insurance is $298. And if you’re interested in lens enhancements, those can run an average of $171 extra. Your vision plan will give you an annual allowance of up to $200 on frames or contact lenses to help you save!


Your annual eye exam.


A first-time patient eye exam without insurance costs an average of $181. With a vision plan, you can expect to pay around $15!


Laser vision correction.


Vision insurance can help with the cost — up to 15% off regular pricing! (Tip: be sure to select an in-network doctor to maximize your benefits.)

No, you’re not seeing things. A vision insurance plan can help you keep your finances in full focus — with low copays, annual allowances, and in-network discounts. Keep reading to find out if vision insurance is right for you, or get a FREE quote below.

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KindHealth is revolutionizing the health insurance industry, providing the tools to ensure you’re covered — without paying for the things you shouldn’t. It’s your own personal health advocate that simplifies the process of understanding and buying insurance.

Put your wellness first with VSP. As a leading vision insurance provider that operates as a not for profit, VSP invests in the things you value most — like quality eyecare at low out-of-pocket costs and with a wide selection of glasses.

Have more questions?

Check out other commonly asked questions here, or give us a call at (855) 907-7330.


You’ll enjoy low out-of-pocket costs and savings on your eye exam and glasses.


Your VSP network doctor will help keep you and your eyes healthy with a WellVision Exam® — a comprehensive eye exam that aids in early detection of health conditions.


Choose from the nation’s largest network of independent doctors who carry a wide selection of name-brand frames for your style and budget.

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