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Holiday shopping is fun.
Getting your identity stolen is not.

With an identity protection plan from Kasasa Protect, you can shop for all your gifts with confidence, knowing you have real-time alerts*, credit score monitoring, and 24/7 expert restoration assistance on your side.

*Applicable for Kasasa Protect Plus and Kasasa Protect Premium packages only.

What's Kasasa?

More than just an unusual word: Kasasa is a promise. That promise includes offering life solutions that suit every lifestyle to help you maximize your money. With our recent addition of Kasasa Care, we've partnered with industry leaders across the health, security, and protection industries to provide more convenience to your everyday life, while keeping your bottom line in mind.

We will continue to bring you new and exciting non-deposit based services to help you get the most out of your money. So keep checking back; we're just getting started!