Guest Post Submission Policy | Kasasa Blog

Thank you for your interest in contributing editorial content to the Kasasa community. We serve 900 community financial institutions nationwide, representing 3 million consumer bank accounts across nearly 4,000 branches in all 50 states.

We want our blogs to be useful and positive places for all readers. So, you'll understand if we're choosy about guest posts. Please read these guidelines in their entirety. They should answer any question you have about the kind of content we're looking for and how the submission process works. 

Our audience

We communicate with our audience in three primary ways that we invite you to participate in. One option is our newsletter that we send to our nationwide network of bankers every month. We also have two blogs, which are the Kasasa Exchange, a B2B blog for community banks and credit unions, and the Kasasa Blog, a B2C blog for consumers. Please see below to learn more about each.

B2B - Newsletter: 

Our newsletter is sent to bankers at each of the 900 community financial institutions in the Kasasa network. We distribute the newsletter on the second Tuesday of every month.


B2B - Kasasa Exchange:  

The Kasasa Exchange is a fintech and marketing tech blog that serves as a practical resource for bankers, credit union leadership, and the fintech community who are interested in learning how to attract, engage, and retain consumers. 


B2C - Kasasa Blog: 

The Kasasa Blog provides useful information and actionable advice for consumers looking to gain control of their personal finances.  


Topics we explore

Both the B2B and B2C audiences we reach are searching for distinct topics to explore. You can use our existing library of blog content as the springboard for your contributions. To engage readers, focus your content on actionable tips, useful tools, and creative techniques. We find that our readers prefer step-by-step, how-to-guides with bulleted or numbered lists. Please see below for topics we’ve covered in our B2B and B2C blogs.

B2B - Kasasa Exchange: 

Kasasa Exchange publishes information useful for bankers, credit union leadership, and the fintech community, which includes content on growing a successful community financial institution, financial services trends, compliance and regulation, lending, and social media.  

Topics include information on:  

  • Margin compression
  • Primary financial institutions
  • Loan growth 
  • Digital online presence 
  • Marketing insights
  • Competition 
  • Demand deposit growth
  • Training and culture

B2C - Kasasa Blog: 

The Kasasa Blog spotlights lifestyle topics with a strong focus on financial content, such as debt management, building savings, getting the best deal on financial services, household budgeting, and money relationships.


Topics include information on:

  • Personal finance  
  • Vehicle loans 
  • Home ownership 
  • Borrowing, credit scores, and debt
  • Budgeting, financial planning, and savings 
  • Banking locally
  • Work life and side hustles
  • College finances
  • Travel and holiday smarts

Blog contribution guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when developing and quality-checking your content. We take the attention of our readers seriously. By setting clear expectations with you, we hope to simplify the submission and acceptance process.


Your successful guest-blogger contributions will: 

  • Fall into at least one of the topics mentioned above;
  • Have factual foundations with relevant, trustworthy, compelling data that is properly sourced and cited;
  • Have third-party quotes verified and properly attributed; 
  • Have a writing style that mirrors our voice and tone; 
  • Present original concepts that are impeccably researched, written, and proofread; 
  • Educate our readership; and 
  • Not be an explicit advertisement for your brand or business.  


Articles submitted must be exclusive to Kasasa at the time of publication. After 30 days, contributors may republish content with attribution to Kasasa and a link to our website.   However, immediately after your post is published, you can link to it from your company website, blog, social media and/or other sites with an abstract of no more than 240 words. Please attribute Kasasa as the source.    


We will select images from our stock library to highlight your content and invite your editorial direction.   


Include up to three links in the body of your post pointing to resources referenced in your content, not to your company website. Indicate the anchor text by underlining the words you wish to link. Paste the web address that the anchor text will direct to immediately below the paragraph in which this anchor text appears. At the end of your post, you can include a brief bio about the author and/or company. Here, you can include links to your company website, blog, and social media in the same format. For further clarification, please see this blog submission example.


Include a suggested headline, intriguing opening paragraph, body content that follows our guidelines, and a brief bio of less than 120 words. Please see this blog submission example.


For both the B2B and B2C blog, please submit 1,200 – 3,000 words.


Kasasa reserves the right to: 

  • Edit your submission for voice and style; 
  • Alter content in the future without contacting you; 
  • Request that you edit for accuracy and guideline adherence; and 
  • Include links and calls to action in the content we publish.
  • Decline your submission if it fails to meet our guidelines after providing you with clear feedback and change requests. 

Blog submission example

Please see our blog submission example.

Blog submission deadline

We publish new blog posts multiple times a week and always welcome submissions. You can request a publish date in our Submission Form. Please allow at least two weeks of lead time. If you want your content highlighted in our newsletter, please see our newsletter inclusion guidelines and deadlines below.

Blog submission rejection

We will never accept any content that: 

  • May be construed as a link-building scheme; 
  • Is biased, self-serving, or overly promotional for your company or organization; 
  • Could be offensive; 
  • Is inaccurate; 
  • Is overly critical of individuals, organizations, philosophies, or companies; or 
  • Repeats information from articles previously published on our site(s); 
  • Has been published elsewhere online before; 
  • Is not relevant to our audience; 
  • Does not follow our blog contribution guidelines, such as length and quality of an article.

Submission form

Please use this Submission form to send us your guest blog contribution. We recommend that you have all your content (title, body copy, bio, links) saved and accessible to copy-and-paste and/or upload to our form.

If your submission meets our editorial standards and aligns with our content strategy, we will let you know when it will be published. That process may take up to 2 weeks. There is space in our Submission form to ask questions, which we will respond to as soon as possible.

Newsletter inclusion guidelines and deadlines

The submission process for our newsletter is different than for our blogs because it’s vast in reach but limited in volume. Our newsletter is delivered to bankers’ inboxes at 4,000 branches only once a month.


To pitch us an idea and/or learn more about how we can work together on our content calendar, please email us at and include one of the following:

Pitch idea:

  • An article outline detailing your proposed topic, thesis, two or more substantiating facts and sources, and suggested links to existing Kasasa content


  • A completed post as a Word or HTML file
  • 120-word or less author bio
  • Text link to your website 


We are inviting you to submit ideas and proposals that are informative and objective, not self-promotional. If you email us, we’ll review for inclusion and work back with you. Then, we will request a suggested subhead (50 characters), abstract (165 characters), and call to action (25 characters). You’ll receive a test email prior to deployment.

Submission deadlines:

Our newsletter deploys the second Tuesday of each month. Submissions are due by the first of the prior month. For instance, if you’d like your submission to be published in our mid-February newsletter, your submission deadline is January 1.