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Alphabet Soup

Promoting LGBTQIA+ inclusion, awareness, and education within Kasasa and the greater Austin community.

Austin Cup

Competing in and raising funds for the Austin Cup Bowling Tournament, hosted by the Center for Child Protection.

Bible and Chill

Creating a safe place to study the most widely read book in the world and talk about the deeper things in life.

Book Club

Bringing together Spartans who love to read and discuss a wide variety of literature.

Coffee BarCamp

Cultivating connections between Spartans by offering premium coffees in a fun, relaxing environment.

Community BarCamp

Providing avenues for Spartans to participate in charitable events throughout the Austin area.

Freedom BarCamp

Making Kasasa one of the best places for Veterans to work through camaraderie and leadership development.

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Kasasa Professional Organization for Women

Shining light on the intersectional issues women face in the workplace that create roadblocks to equality.

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Encouraging Spartans to explore new avenues of self-expression through ukulele.

Kasasa Toastmasters microphone icon

Kasasa Toastmasters

Giving Spartans the opportunity to develop their communication and leadership skills.

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Kasasa Radio

Operating an internal radio station for all Spartans to share music, stories, and ideas.

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Sober Spartans

Offering fellowship and support to Spartans who choose to live their lives free from drugs and alcohol.

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Spartan Games

Making Kasasa the best place to work in Austin through games and activities that bring Spartans together.

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What the Fit

Creating an inspiring atmosphere around health, fitness, and wellness at Kasasa powered by employees.