Employee Recognition | Kasasa Careers

Embodying the patch.

We love to recognize the Spartans who proudly display our Patch Values day after day.

Patch Coin

Inspired by the tradition of military challenge coins, team leads and executives award Patch Coins to Spartans who go above and beyond the responsibilities of their roles.

Patch Award

One of Kasasa's highest honors. Employees from across the company nominate the Spartans who best embody each individual Patch Value — as well as the Patch overall.

Earning rewards every day.

Completing projects. Nailing presentations. Helping co-workers. Every win is worth celebrating. Kazoo is a platform that helps Spartans encourage each other. Employees receive points to give out to co-workers, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards.

Believing in the mission.

There are plenty of places to work. We appreciate all the badasses who continue to work with us.

8 Year Award

Some people like to knock participation trophies. They haven't seen ours. If you fight for our Phalanx this long, then you deserve something special. Why eight years? Get in touch and we'll tell you the story.

10 Year Wall

You can do a lot in a decade. We're so grateful that 10% of our Phalanx has spent so much time at Kasasa. We honor these dedicated Spartans by displaying their names for all to see.