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Who's looking after your money?

Megabanks control an unfair share of our nation's money supply. And they are not using it wisely. From charging double-digit monthly fees for checking accounts to raising mortgage rates even higher for minority borrowers.


Help is closer than you think.

Community financial institutions take better care of your money. Because they're run by your friends, family, and neighbors. Plus, keeping your money local creates economic opportunities in your hometown.


Let's level the playing field.

Community banks and credit unions provide better service. But megabanks have deeper pockets. Kasasa empowers local financial institutions by designing solutions that help consumers take back control.

Together we can Take Back Banking™.

Instead of charging excessive fees, we made free checking that pays cash rewards. We created an account that turns those rewards into savings — automatically. We built the only loan that helps you get out of debt faster. And we're just getting started.

Enable a powerful network of community financial institutions to re-establish themselves
as the go-to place for banking products and services and