You can help your community make the best healthcare choice.

You can help your community make the best healthcare choice.

It’s Open Enrollment time. That means many in your community will be trying to navigate the crazy, confusing world of private health insurance. But finding the right plan is one of the most important things one can do to protect them and their family from expensive medical bills, and gain access to quality care.

With all the job losses last year that included employer-sponsored healthcare, you can be sure there are a number of people in your community who need health insurance, but no longer have access to a plan that works for them. What if they could get health insurance, even when they’re between jobs? What if you could be the one that helped them not just get it, but get the right one?

The Kasasa Care healthcare referral program allows you to easily offer affordable health, vision, and dental insurance, as well as Medicare — all at no cost to you. And research shows more than 71% of consumers are open to receiving healthcare referral offers from their financial institution.1


Access to health insurance is only the beginning

With Kasasa CareTM, your customers can get healthcare insurance from you, and that’s great, but now comes the hard part — choosing the right one. They have a lot to consider before choosing a health plan.


Health needs

Health is everything. But there are situations (like only visiting the doctor for annual preventive visits) that could mean paying for healthcare you don’t need. Of course, accidents happen, but think about anticipating care needs during the next calendar year and let that factor into the decision. If a surgery or birth of a bundle of joy is on the horizon (or if specialist visits are often), it might be worth choosing a plan with a low deductible. It may cost a little more each month to keep your plan active, but out-of-pocket costs remain low.


Health insurance has a few different kinds of costs. To start, there’s a monthly premium (to keep the insurance plan active). Your account holders will want to keep this in mind while budgeting. What’s the maximum comfortable monthly payment to get the level of coverage you need?

Then there are out-of-pocket costs, which have to be paid when visiting certain doctors and receive services. In some cases, there’s no cost for care! That’s because most health insurance companies offer $0 preventive checkups; but the fine print needs to be checked to make sure this is a benefit in the plan. If more specialized care is needed, factor in additional, as-needed costs like copays and prescription drugs.

How many people are being insured (and their needs too)

If self-insuring, the right health insurance plan can be a no-brainer. But if adding a spouse or dependents, things can get a little fuzzy. Your community members need to think about all the same considerations — but for every individual that will be under the family plan, especially for any dependents. Is there a house full of kiddos that play team sports every night? They should think about the possibility of a broken arm (or two) and how these expenses can help meet the deductible and maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP).

Provider preference

Is there a specialist that’s been seen for years? Or a pediatrician that has cared for the children since day one? Health insurance companies have networks, or a group of doctors and providers that have a contract to provide health services to members of their health insurance plan. Some plans (like a PPO) offer large provider networks, offering ample flexibility. Others, like an HMO, have smaller doctor networks that require choosing a primary care physician upon enrollment. The primary care physician will refer to specialists and other providers if needed.

Healthcare is deeply personal — and if it’s more comfortable choosing a plan that has a care team in-network, make sure that is top of mind when searching. (We’d hate for any of your account holders to sign up for a plan without double-checking!)

Don’t let searching for a health insurance plan leave your account holders in the dark. Kasasa Care has partnered with KindHealth to change that. With just a click, they can get access to hundreds of plans (from national and regional brands), sorted by AI technology to help make their search easy. Plus, signup couldn’t be easier. They simply select the plan of choice, add it to their cart, and complete the checkout process.

And if they have questions or would rather talk it out, KindHealth’s team of Licensed Advisors are standing by, ready to assist. Any question, any issue. They’ve got their back — and it’s all for free.

Be the healthcare hero your community is looking for. Help your community learn how to choose the right health insurance plan for their health needs and budget with the help of KindHealth and Kasasa Care.

Find out how your institution can help.

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