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Episode 1: It's Time to Take Back Banking.

Welcome to the Kasasa Exchange.

The Kasasa Exchange is the place where best practices meet real experience. Here, you’ll get access to research, insights, and peer-tested courses of action. It’s a space for you to find videos, podcasts, roundtables, articles, and surveys on the topics that are most important to you. It’s yours to explore, enjoy, and exchange actionable insights and ideas.

Together, we’re on a mission to help community banks and credit unions Take Back Banking.

Take back your rightful share from the megabanks, fintech startups, and intrusive non-banks that are gobbling up market share.

We want to help EVERY local institution win — whether or not you do business with us.

Because it will take all the community financial institutions to take back deposits and show consumers that banking local is still not just a viable but the better option. That’s why we created the Kasasa Exchange.

You need ways to engage with your cohort. We made it easy and accessible.

You asked for more ways to learn about and learn from your peers. You got it! Announcing the Kasasa Exchange digital roundtables — online conversations, conference-call style, hosted on a single topic that you control.

Start digging in to find answers, like-minded conversations, and confident new pathways. Start connecting like you’ve never been able to before. Start discovering content just for you.

Start exploring the Kasasa Exchange.