Free checking with cash to keep and money to pay forward.

Earn big and give back with Kasasa Giving. Keep high rate payouts for yourself and pay more forward to the cause you care about with each qualifying debit card purchase.

It's high paying, free checking to feel good about. And real help for a charity you choose. Get good, do good — that's Kasasa Giving. Plus, we'll refund your ATM fees nationwide to keep paying it forward.

Kasasa Giving
  • Do good and get good in return.

    Reward yourself in a rewarding way.

    Help yourself to high rates, while you help out a charity of your choosing. Get good for doing good. And not just a polite "thank you." We're talking rates well above the national average.

    Give back in a way that isn’t just rewarding to your heart. You actually get rewarded in cash too, with refunds on ATM fees and high-rate payouts to lift your spirit.

  • Your cash, your cause.

    Give to whatever matters to you most.

    Pick how you pay it forward when you select a charity to support, whether it's one of three national charities or a local non-profit, based on where you bank. And remember, your donations are made at no cost to you!

    • Boys and Girls Clubs of America

      BGCA was founded in 1860 as the Boys Club Federation and now serves 4.8 million young people through over 4,300 Club facilities in 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and U.S. military bases around the world.

    • American Humane Association

      Since 1877, American Humane has been a unified voice for many organizations, a national leader in programs, advocacy, and actions that protect children and animals. Kasasa Giving account donations support the Animal Division of American Humane.

    • Stand Up To Cancer

      Stand Up To Cancer launched in 2008 to rally the public around the goal of ending cancer's reign as a leading cause of death.

    • Local Non-profits

      Kasasa Giving may partner with a local non-profit in your community. Ask about giving back in your hometown.

  • Giving that doesn't take.

    Earn, give, and get back ATM fees with no minimum balance.

    Kasasa Giving loves to give. Hence the name. We don't take your cash with monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements. And there's no minimum balance to earn your rewards either.

    Earn high rates, take back your ATM fees, and give back with qualifying debit card purchases — no matter how low your balance. It's checking that's free based on what's right, not what's in your account.

  • Make any ATM your ATM.

    Get those ATM fees back.

    Give back and get back, starting with your ATM fees. So you can be where you're needed, without worrying where to withdraw cash. We'll put those ATM fees you would have thrown away back where they belong — your wallet.

    Consider it a token of our appreciation. And the best thing is, it's appreciation you can actually spend. All while you earn high Kasasa Giving rates with no minimum balance.

  • Save time while giving back.

    Easy qualifications to power your donation.

    It doesn't cost you a dime to earn high rates or pay it forward to your chosen cause. Just meet easy, qualifications that even save you time, like:

    • Use your debit card for purchases
    • Be enrolled and log into online banking
    • Be enrolled and agree to receive e-statement notice
    • Make an automatic payment

    And there's never a penalty fee for coming up short. Even earn a base rate if you miss a month. Then get back to earning your full rewards the very next cycle!