Why Community Banking Matters

  • The Community Banking Advantage

  • Why We Partner with Community Banks and Credit Unions

    We partner with community banking institutions for two main reasons:
    they care about YOU and they help strengthen the economy.

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      Community banks and credit unions are known for their personal service and always put YOU first.

      Kasasa is a new way to bank, based on the belief that you deserve more than just free checking. You deserve accounts and tools that fit your lifestyle without sacrificing quality personal service—not waiting on hold for ten minutes to speak to a real person.

      Kasasa only partners with the best community banks and credit unions in America to offer our accounts and money management tools, so you get the best of both worlds.

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      Community banks and credit unions are vital to the well-being of local economies and the U.S.

      When you deposit money into a community bank or credit union, they loan that money to small businesses and other consumers in their communities. This not only strengthens these local economies, but it also strengthens the American economy.

      Want proof of just how awesome they are? Community banks with less than $10 billion in assets are responsible for 58 percent of all small business loans in America. Compare that to megabanks, with over $100 billion in assets, who've only made 22 percent of all small business loans. (Source: ICBA, 2011).

  • Community Banking Gives You the Power to Choose

    Community banking promotes a healthy balance of financial power.

    We can all see what happens when too much power is held in the hands of too few people. Consolidation of power in any industry results in less competition and less choice for consumers.

    Kasasa is all about providing you with more choices, with accounts that revolve around you and the finest local providers to choose from. Their commitment to their account holders and local communities is one of the main reasons we're dedicated to helping community banks and credit unions succeed.

    How you can make a difference.

    Give Kasasa a chance! Ditch your megabank's automated customer service and overpriced accounts and get treated like a real person. Find a community bank or credit union that offers Kasasa, and try out one of our accounts.

    Keep your deposits in community banks and credit unions to strengthen our communities and our economy. If we do this across the country, imagine the impact this movement will have!

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