Money Smarts Made Simple!

Kasasa U™ helps families make sense of finances in a fun and friendly way. With parent-designed, kid-tested apps and games, Kasasa U gives kids of all ages the know-how to spend, share, and save money with confidence.

  • Welcome to the future of financial literacy

    Financial Ed, our traveling professor, will show your family the way to financial know-how in no time. Give your kids the right start on one of the most important skills they’ll ever need. It’s never too early for smart money management!

    Financial Ed
    Money Island landscape

    Money Island

    Journey to MoneyIsland and help save a little boy who’s lost his financial way. Kids gain skills and confidence as they tackle spending and saving challenges in this curriculum-based game. MoneyIsland is not offered by the big banks. And never will be.

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    PiggyBot is an easy way to track allowance spending and saving! No more forgetting IOUs – they’re right here! Kids learn to plan – and pay for – their own toys, special activities, and other goals.

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    Fun & Games

    Talk about teachable moments! The learning comes easy – it’s the games that are the real challenge! See for yourself how engaging our financial literacy games are.

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  • Money Island

    Learning Through Interactive Fun!

    Kids learn by doing. Put them on a path to a healthy retirement before they even earn their first paycheck! MoneyIsland™ is free and offered exclusively through community banks and credit unions – no enrollment, no fees, just fun.

    • Teach and learn financial skills that help develop a lifetime of financial wellbeing
    • Win the game and earn real-world rewards
    • Parents and teachers can track kids’ success
    • Kids won’t realize just how much they’re learning because they’re having fun!

    To kids ages 8–14, MoneyIsland is a fun game with real-life rewards. To parents, it’s peace of mind that their children are learning lifelong lessons. Start your financial journey together today!

    Financial Ed
  • PiggyBot

    Make Allowance Work For You

    Turn allowance into an interactive tool with PiggyBot! Created by parents like you, PiggyBot helps kids set goals – and get goals. Spending is simple for children to understand. Help them learn the importance of saving and sharing, too.

    • Fresh ways to interact while kids learn to spend, share, and save
    • Track IOUs for things kids want – just click
    • Assign chores and reinforce positive behavior
    • Teach the value of money in an online interface

    Whether saving for small things or summer camp, kids get the picture when they can see what they want...and what they need to get there. All in a money-smart, secure app. Get going with PiggyBot!

    Financial Ed

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  • MoneyIsland™ Fun & Games

    The quests continue with these fun games for MoneyIsland Gurus!
    Click on any of the images below to play.

    Financial Ed

    Parents & Teachers

    Expert-crafted lesson plans help children understand financial literacy in simple terms and engaging activities designed for one-on-one or group fun.

    Palmwood Derby
    Save The Idz
    The Raja’s Wonder
    Pisa Hotel
    Over The Falls