Borrower's Quiz

How well do you know today’s borrowers?

Have you noticed? The lending landscape has changed. Megabanks and FinTech challengers, like Sofi, are gobbling up the market. To get more consumers lending with you and not the megabanks, community banks and credit unions need to find new strategies to stand out. And that starts with understanding what consumers are looking for.

Take our assessment to learn how community financial institutions can take back the Millennial lending market. You might just find that some new opportunities are out there waiting for you!

Nice job!

After learning what consumers are looking for, it’s clear that competing on product superiority and innovation is one of the strategies you can use to take back market share.

Want to know more about what Millennials want from a loan today and how you can get them to borrow with you? Download this full report about lending trends from Cornerstone Advisors.