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2020 Speakers

Tiffani Bova portrait

Tiffani Bova

Customer growth, Salesforce

Seth Mattison portrait

Seth Mattison

CEO, Luminate Labs

Shawn Achor portrait

Shawn Achor

Bestselling author

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What's in store for 2020...

April 6

3-7pm | Registration

April 7

9am-5pm | Keynote speakers and breakouts
7-11pm | Happy Hour

April 8

9am-2pm | Breakouts and closing keynote


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Community in Focus

It’s important to keep our eyes on what matters most. 

Megabanks, neo banks, technological disruption, regulator upheaval, economic uncertainty… there are a lot of challenges on the doorstep for community banks and credit unions. With so many competing forces in play, it would be easy to get overwhelmed or give up. But you can’t.


The role you play is too important. People need what you have to offer. When other institutions focus on profits, you focus on people —  a family of four, a budding entrepreneur, a couple navigating retirement. 


Kasasa Nation is a chance to look at your industry with a fresh perspective and learn from your peers.


There is hope for the future. There is a path to outsmart adversity and stay relevant. Let’s cut through all the clutter. You aren’t alone. We can change the outlook for everyone. Together we can keep community in focus.

We can't wait to see you.

Kasasa Nation is a gathering like no other, but space is limited. Reserve your spot now to guarantee you won’t miss it.

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