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The secret to generating more non-interest income (NII) is to offer new services that consumers already purchase from other companies. Knowing which products you should offer and getting them in front of the right consumers is a much trickier question. And even if you can answer it, launching those products can be risky and burdensome to your frontline staff.

With Kasasa Care, you can increase the number of income-generating products and services you offer — and barely lift a finger to make it happen.



Referral programs available with Kasasa Care:


Identity and
credit monitoring







What is Kasasa Care?

It’s a referral program and online marketplace developed by Kasasa to offer non-interest income partner products and services for sale and/or use digitally. The product development, marketing, and support are included and you reap referral credits on every successful marketing transaction, activity, or purchase (yes, you read that correctly).

Included with Kasasa Care:

  • Onboarding the full range of partner products and services.

  • Maintaining the online marketplace.

  • Creating and deploying referral marketing assets, including automated email programs.

  • Educating consumers on the referral partner offers.

  • Making sure you get a referral credit for each successful referral marketing transaction, activity, or purchase.

  • Referral offer is maintained directly through the partner - sales, service and support is all digital.

Tap into a marketing machine that almost runs itself.

Included with our Lifecycle marketing programs, Kasasa Care is a suite of referral marketing campaigns allowing you to select non-interest income partner products and services to promote to existing consumers. By leveraging data analysis, automated email programs, and pre-built creative, your consumers receive personalized offers without you having to lift a finger.

*Coming soon.

Deepen your relationships with Kasasa Care.

Offer an online marketplace and referral program with the non-interest income products your account holders want.