Kasasa is a completely new kind of banking that puts you first. We offer free accounts that give you something you actually want. It's a win-win for you because you get innovative products and our personal service. It’s a new way of doing things that puts you first where you belong; and as long as you Kasasa that will never change. Do you Kasasa?

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    Kasasa Cash pays you really high rates in cash

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    Kasasa Tunes fills your ear buds with digital downloads every month

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About Wood & Huston Bank

Personal service has been a legacy passed from generation to generation to the communities Wood & Huston Bank serves. As a community member, we continue to serve in civic leadership and philanthropic capacities. As a community bank, we continue to provide financial services in a manner consistent with the demands of our customers. Technology is driving much of the new product delivery systems and we are still keeping up as we have for 140 years. ATMs, electronic bookkeeper, web site, e-mail, and now internet banking are the means that we provide the changing array of financial products to our customers.

For more information call Wood & Huston Bank at (660) 886-6825.