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Kasasa reward accounts

Attract more consumers with our suite of branded reward accounts — checking and savings that your competitors can't beat. Plus, you get online and in-branch selling technology that keeps everything simple.

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Kasasa Loans

The only loan with take-backsTM — preferred by 9 out of 10 consumers over comparably priced loans. In fact, 98% of consumers said they would refinance existing debt at the same rate to get this patent-pending loan.*

*Based on 2017 Kasasa Consumer Study

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Kasasa Care

An online marketplace and referral program that allows you to increase non-interest income and deepen relationships with consumers. Marketing comes included! 

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Kasasa marketing system

Maximize your ROI with Kasasa's Marketing System. Easily find the right consumers, build relationships with existing account holders, and schedule multi-channel marketing programs.

Acquisition program


Introducing the ORB: Optimized, results-based marketing. ORB marketing finds consumers who are 3X more likely to open an account, and bundles data science, technology, and media costs into one simple solution. Learn more

Lifecycle program


Engage consumers and build relationships by sending the right message for every opportunity. The Lifecycle Program analyzes account holder data, encourages retention activities, and looks for behavioral triggers or attributes that predict future purchases. Learn more

Websites that grow your brand

Open more accounts with a best-in-class, responsive website that promotes your products, services existing account holders, and adheres to the best regulatory and security practices.

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The ultimate digital account opening experience

Acquire new accounts, fast. INMO+ digital account opening works online and in-branch to seamlessly onboard consumers in a matter of minutes. And it's optimized for any device.

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Thought leadership

Valuable industry insights from us to you — for free.

Strategies and research at your fingertips. Explore the Kasasa Exchange

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Build a winning culture that works.
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Kasasa Saver® Patent No. 10,387,851