Our Values | Kasasa

The Patch is our foundation.

patch-logoWhat we accomplish is meaningful, but how we get it done means even more. The Patch is our HOW every day. The Patch is the manifestation of the four key values that drive us: Interdependence, Five Star Leadership, Love, Badassitude.

But the Patch isn't just a symbol. It is the living emblem and the daily reminder of our commitment to one another. It defines everything we do including how we build products, how we serve our clients, plan for the future, and work together. Every employee strives to embody the Patch Values in their purest form. It is our uncompromising promise to one another, to our communities and our clients.

Every member of the Kasasa team is regarded as a 5-Star leader, expected to produce results commensurate with the esteemed U.S. Military ranking. That means all employees must challenge themselves to find any means necessary, within the boundaries of The Patch and good ethics, to accomplish their goals.

We extend love: (1) love for our clients, (2) love for our company, (3) love for our coworkers, and (4) love for our consumers. The value of Love is not a value of softness. It is not aimed at overlooking our flaws. It is a value that gives us the strength to confront any situation with compassion and kindness.

In other companies, this value would be called excellence. But at Kasasa, we are building a world-class company that is changing the world of banking forever. Anything worthy of our effort is worthy of our best effort. If we can't build the most badass, category-dominating version of any offering, we will not attempt to deliver that offering.

The Spartans fought in the Phalanx formation, the strength of which relied on the cohesiveness of the team moving forward together. Rows of Spartans lined up in front, slightly overlapping each shield to protect the soldier on their left. The warriors in the rear bolstered the front by pushing shields into their comrades' backs. They fought as one unit completely willing to give everything for their cause. This Spartan-level of cohesiveness is what we strive for at Kasasa.