Lifecycle Marketing | Kasasa

Anticipate account holders' needs to drive loyalty and performance.

Lifecycle Marketing

The Lifecycle Program helps you strengthen relationships with account holders by sending the right messages at the right time. We analyze account holder data to identify retention opportunities, upcoming events, and likely future purchases within your existing account holder base. The "always on" analysis then engages consumers with the right message for each opportunity — without your team needing to build new marketing programs.

Included with Kasasa Reward Accounts, Lifecycle Marketing gives you:

  • Behavioral triggers and predictive modeling
    Our trigger-based marketing responds to real-world activity without needing any additional effort from your team, while our predictive models anticipate the needs of existing account holders and deliver the newest, best possible offers.
  • Pre-built creative and compliance
    Get consumer-tested creative pre-built for every channel. Plus, our RegGen compliance tool generates account holder disclosures and disclaimer language for every asset.
  • Reporting and optimization
    Access consolidated marketing reports to get a strategic view of how your marketing is performing. We leverage results from hundreds of ongoing programs to optimize our models at every opportunity.

Your marketing is "always on."

Keep engagement high while making communication feel personal. Our "always-on" programs deliver the right message at the right time while requiring virtually no work from your team.

Sample programs:


Up-sell to Kasasa Saver and Protect


Target indirect loan holders or single service account holders


Cross-sell to Kasasa checking


Welcome program


Encourage debit card usage and eStatement adoption


Happy birthday and anniversary

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